Sandwich Street Names


George’s Rock Road

Most likely named for George Buitt who owned land on Shawme Marsh. The rock was a glacial erratic at the edge of the marsh. A vessel was built and launched off George’s Rock Road in 1811. At one point the town proposed building a dock there but instead decided to take land from Thomas Tupper Senior at what was later called Dock Lane.  The building at the corner of Geroge’s Rock Road and Factory Street is the Sandhill School built for the children of the Glass Factory workers in Jarvesville.

Factory Street

Named for The Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory. Buildings of the famous factory that were along this street are now totally gone.  

Jarves Street

Deming Jarves was the principal founder and manager of the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company.  But the street is named for his son, John Jarves. In 1858, Deming Jarves’ Board of Directors forced him out of the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, so he built the Cape Cod Glass Works, less than a mile away, with the idea that his son John would be President. Unfortunately John died from TB around age 28.

Deming Jarves
Deming Jarves

Canary Street

We can only surmise the origin of this street name. There was a large family by the name of Canary who were members of Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, a church built primarily for the Irish Catholic workers at the Glass Factory. The church was located only two blocks from the present day Canary Street. Canarys buried at St. Peter’s Cemetery are listed here.